e-conversion supports scientists with children
(photo: Peter Sonntag, e-conversion)

Based on existing role models, strategies and concepts, e-conversion is committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunity.

Due to the gender gap in science, we explicitly promote and help our female scientists in their career by offering them a variety of perspectives and targeted programs, e.g. mentoring for female scientists, networking events, career building and personal development.

We furthermore take on responsibility for the compatibility of family and science as well as work-life-balance. In addition, we want to prevent discrimination by breaking down unconscious bias.

e-conversion aims at pursuing equal opportunity in respect of gender, family and all other types of diversity.

Measures of the e-conversion diversity program

  • Laboratory Assistance
    Excellent young female e-conversion scientists are supported during their pregnancy and/or upbringing of their children until the age of 6 (or in exceptional cases until the age of 7) by the employment of a laboratory assistant (max. 400,–€ per month).
  • Scholarship for childcare
    Members of the e-conversion graduate program with children before entering elementary school can be supported with a scholarship for child care in order to continue their scientific work. This support includes the total or partly payment of a day nanny or a place in a day nursery (max. 400,–€ per month) and is subject to the family income.
  • Childcare during conferences and business trips
    e-conversion scientists with children can apply for financial support for extraordinary child care during conferences and business trips.
  • Financial support for specific events
    All e-conversion scientists can apply for financial support for specific events on gender, diversity and LGBTQ topics as long as it is related to their work at e-conversion.
  • Childcare on e-conversion conferences
    e-conversion offers childcare free of charge during all e-conversion conferences and workshops.
  • Measures for the promotion of women
    • Trainings / workshops
      Excellent young e-conversion female scientists can apply for financial support for individual trainings and workshops.
    • Mentoring
      If female members of the e-conversion graduate program ask for a research mentor, e-conversion can provide suggestions and help to get connected. A research mentor will act as a role model and advice on career management and the development of the student’s scientific profile.
    • Diversity Brunch
      Meetings for all interested scientists on a regular basis
    • Elternstammtisch
      The Elternstammtisch (parent’s meeting) is a platform where young parents meet in order to discuss carrier topics, work-life-balance, childcare issues and simply to get to know each other.

For funding application forms please visit our download page.

Events and Workshops

Workshop “How to deal with border violation in the university environment. How to realize sexualized situations and how to take action” (Dr. Sabine Blackmore, Blackmore Coaching)

Mobbing, Stalking, sexual harassment , #metoo and #metwo – the list of terms and forms of sexual discrimination and violence and the resulting media impact is long and  – also in the university environment – really present. What do these terms mean and how can people affected react? How can you take action when you witness boarder violations? This workshop explains the legal situation (AGG, StGB) and shows examples of everyday sexism. You will learn how to identify such situations and how to react and communicate. Possible experiences will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

March 24, 2020 (postponed)
ZEI, Lichtenbergstr. 4a, Campus Garching
Please register with Silke Mayerl-Kink

Workshop on intercultural skills and communication (planned)

Workshop on Diversity and unconscious bias (planned)

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