The Cluster of Excellence e-conversion runs a dedicated graduate program (GP) for PhD students who are working on an e-conversion related research project. The aim of the program is to promote the collaboration of e-convesion students, help them with their research by sponsoring visits to other labs and prepare them for their future careers.

Benefits of the Graduate Program

The e-conversion GP offers all its members the following benefits:

  • Winter Meetings
  • Summer Retreat
  • Company Visits
  • Soft Skill Courses
  • Business Knowledge Courses
  • Student Exchange Program (more details …)

Organization of the Graduate Program

The Graduate Program Coordinator (GC) leads the e-conversion GP and represents its interests inside and outside of e-conversion. The GC is appointed by the Executive Board (EB) of e-conversion. The tasks of the GC include in particular the management of GP general meetings, the report to the General Assembly of e-conversion, representing the interests of the e-conversion GP in the e-conversion EB, the information of the GP members.

The Student Board ensures the active representation of the e-conversion doctoral researchers, to be elected by the convention of all e-conversion doctoral researchers from both universities. The spokesperson of the Student Board has a permanent guest status in the cluster’s Executive Board to ensure full representation, as well as information and feedback on all GP activities. Together with the GP Coordinator, the Cluster Coordinator and Co-Coordinators the Student Board suggests, discusses and organizes events such as summer and winter retreats of all e-conversion doctoral researchers. The theme of these retreats and further tutorials introducing to selected methods or techniques are “from us, for us”, thereby providing not only a platform for topical hands-on training and grassroots exchange, but also for the development of team spirit and organizational skills.

The current GP Coordinators are Prof. Dr. Barbara Lechner (Chemistry Department, TU München) and Prof. Dr. Emiliano Cortés (Faculty of Physics, LMU).

Student Board 2021/22: Jakob Blahusch, Clara Aletsee, Lars Richter, Ilka Vincon, Manuel Scheel. Bottom left: Prof. Emiliano Cortes (Coordinator)

The members of the current Student Board of e-conversion are (see image):

GP News

Graduate Retreat 2021 – Live!

After an endless time of virtual meetings 30 PhD students finally met in person, discussed their research, joined workshops and talks - and just enjoyed to spend time together in the real world.

Strategy meeting at Schliersee

In February 2022 the principle investigators of e-conversion will come together to discuss the current research topics of the cluster and how these could develop.



Each Principal Investigator (PI) of e-conversion has been asked to nominate PhD students for membership in the GP.

Those members are

1. all PhD students employed through e-conversion funds, and in addition

2. PhD students working on an e-conversion relevant topic, although not paid by e-conversion funds.