Fundamentals of Energy Conversion Processes


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Economizing on iridium

The nobel metal iridium is ideally suited for hydrogen production via electrolysis – and it is extremely expensive. But now a new kind of electrode helps you save real money. It is made of highly porous material and does an excellent job with just a hint of iridium.

The future of emerging Hybrid 2D Materials

Hybrid 2D materials offer opportunities from quantum engineering to energy applications. The Munich workshop gave profound insight into the cutting-edge research and fostered collaborations between scientists from Cambridge and LMU.

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Workshop on Chemical and Energy Conversion at Interfaces
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In a workshop organized by two members of the Young Academy of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, we will discuss recent results in the chemical and energy conversion at interfaces.
Galileo Conference Center
11th biannual International Conference on Quantum Dots
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It is our great pleasure to announce that abstract submission is now open for QD-2020, the 11th biannual International Conference on Quantum Dots. 

Recent Publications

M. Mallmann, R. Niklaus, T. Rackl, M. Benz, T. G. Chau, D. Johrendt, J. Minár, W. Schnick

Solid Solutions of Grimm–Sommerfeld Analogous Nitride Semiconductors II‐IV‐N2 (II=Mg, Mn, Zn; IV=Si, Ge): Ammonothermal Synthesis and DFT Calculations Journal Article

Chem. Eur. J., 25 , pp. 1-10, 2019, ISSN: 1521-3765.

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K Hübner, M Pilo-Pais, F Selbach, T Liedl, P Tinnefeld, F D Stefani, G P Acuna

Directing Single-Molecule Emission with DNA Origami-Assembled Optical Antennas Journal Article

Nano Letters, 19 (9), pp. 6629-6634, 2019, ISSN: 1530-6984.

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G Grinblat, I Abdelwahab, M P Nielsen, P Dichtl, K Leng, R F Oulton, K P Loh, S A Maier

Ultrafast All-Optical Modulation in 2D Hybrid Perovskites Journal Article

ACS Nano, 13 (8), pp. 9504-9510, 2019, ISSN: 1936-0851.