Fundamentals of Energy Conversion Processes


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Workshop “Advanced Spectroscopy for Energy Storage & Conversion”
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The aim of this workshop is to discuss new and exciting possibilities in energy conversion and storage research.


Recent Publications

S Schneider, S T Kreiner, L G Balzat, B V Lotsch, W Schnick

Finding Order in Disorder: The Highly Disordered Lithium Oxonitridophosphate Double Salt Li8+xP3O10−xN1+x (x=1.4(5)) Journal Article

In: Chemistry – A European Journal, vol. 29, no. 55, pp. e202301986, 2023, ISSN: 0947-6539.

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Y Zou, J Eichhorn, S Rieger, Y Zheng, S Yuan, L Wolz, L V Spanier, J E Heger, S Yin, C R Everett, L Dai, M Schwartzkopf, C Mu, S V Roth, I D Sharp, C-C Chen, J Feldmann, S D Stranks, P Müller-Buschbaum

Ionic liquids tailoring crystal orientation and electronic properties for stable perovskite solar cells Journal Article

In: Nano Energy, vol. 112, pp. 108449, 2023, ISSN: 2211-2855.

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L Xu, K G Papanikolaou, B A J Lechner, L Je, G A Somorjai, M Salmeron, M Mavrikakis

Formation of active sites on transition metals through reaction-driven migration of surface atoms Journal Article

In: Science, vol. 380, no. 6640, pp. 70-76, 2023.

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