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Jul 12, 2022|

Our participation at the FORSCHA 2022 was a great success. Many visitors tried the hands-on experiments and attended the workshop on sustainable power production and the lecture on energy materials.

  • Prof. Benjamin Fingerhut

Welcome Prof. Fingerhut!

Jul 4, 2022|

We warmly welcome the theoretical chemist Prof. Benjamin Fingerhut as new e-conversion member. All the best!

Mini-fuel cell uses the body’s sugar

May 24, 2022|

Jennifer Rupp and colleagues have developed a glucose fuel cell which converts sugar into electricity. This way the body's sugar could serve as an energy source for medicinal implants.


Conference for young nanoscientists
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Want to listen and talk to two nanoscience Nobel laureates??? Then join the International Nanoscience Students Conference in Munich with talks, poster sessions, workshops, an opportunity fair,...
Seminar on Soft Optoelectronic Materials
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The meeting brings together experts discussing the frontiers of experimental and theoretical advances to characterize molecular, optoelectronic and energy materials.
VIU Venedig
e-conversion conference 2022
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We are looking forward to our e-conversion conference in Venice in October 2022! Keep your fingers crossed that it can actually take place on site...


Recent Publications

S Tu, T Tian, A Lena Oechsle, S Yin, X Jiang, W Cao, N Li, M A Scheel, L K Reb, S Hou, A S Bandarenka, M Schwartzkopf, S V Roth, P Müller-Buschbaum

Improvement of the thermoelectric properties of PEDOT:PSS films via DMSO addition and DMSO/salt post-treatment resolved from a fundamental view Journal Article

In: Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 429, pp. 132295, 2022, ISSN: 1385-8947.

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M Eder, C Courtois, P Petzoldt, S Mackewicz, M Tschurl, U Heiz

Size and Coverage Effects of Ni and Pt Co-Catalysts in the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution from Methanol on TiO2(110) Journal Article

In: ACS Catalysis, pp. 9579-9588, 2022.

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A Hulm, J C B Dietschreit, C Ochsenfeld

Statistically optimal analysis of the extended-system adaptive biasing force (eABF) method Journal Article

In: The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 157, no. 2, pp. 024110, 2022.

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