Solve the mystery

By |Nov 16, 2020|

One picture - three possible answers. Find the right one and win a solar powered bluetooth loudspeaker.

YES to Munich

By |Nov 11, 2020|

Two offers for a W3 professorship reached the e-conversion scientist Alexander Holleitner this year. To our delight, the physicist decided in favor of the offer of the TU Munich (TUM) and remains in the cluster.

Soak up the sunlight and swim in the dark

By |Oct 13, 2020|

Microswimmers are particles that activly move in liquids when supplied with energy. By a new light charging mechanism, they can now move in the dark and get interesting for medicine.

The lab in the computer

By |Sep 28, 2020|

How are electrons “ticking”? And why is their behavior so important for efficient solar cells? Learn more about it in the research portrait of our new member Prof. Frank Ortmann.

A new grip on the Sabatier principle

By |Sep 9, 2020|

Even for experienced catalysts, matchmaking is not always easy. Some partners bind too strong, others leave too early. Read here how a copper electrode solves this problem by itself.

New solar cells for space

By |Sep 2, 2020|

A payload module of perovskite and organic solar cells from the lab of e-conversion member Prof. Müller-Buschbaum proved successful on a rocket flight in space.

“Schee, dass do seids!”

By |Jul 10, 2020|

With this Bavarian expression for "welcome" we happily introduce two outstanding scientists as new members of our cluster: Prof. Alessio Gagliardi and Prof. Frank Ortmann.

Spanish-German Award

By |Jul 6, 2020|

The Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and the German Chemical Society honored e-conversion coordinator Prof. Thomas Bein with the joint Elhuyar-Goldschmidt Award.

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