Tuning the energy gap

By |Jun 10, 2021|

What is already established for inorganic semiconductors stays a challenge for their organic counterparts: Tuning the energy gap by blending different semiconducting molecules to optimize device performance. Now, scientists from e-conversion and colleagues demonstrated how to reach this goal.

New e-conversion student board

By |Apr 27, 2021|

We congratulate the newly elected student board of our Graduate Program! And we are looking forward to your ideas for talks, workshops and other events.

Molecular tuning: Evolution in fast forward

By |Apr 22, 2021|

Biologists led by Dario Leister want to give photosynthesis a helping hand. To increase yields, they are using algae to accelerate the genetic adaptation of crop plants to environmental changes.

Women in Science – Video series

By |Apr 13, 2021|

“You are a professor? And in chemistry???” See what else Corinna Hess has experienced as being a female scientist - in the second edition our video series "Women in Science".

Outstanding catalysis research

By |Apr 8, 2021|

Our member Prof. Johannes A. Lercher was awarded the Alwin Mittasch Prize 2021 of the German Catalysis Society for his complete works and its high industrial relevance.

Highly Cited Researchers

By |Apr 7, 2021|

Every year a list is published with researchers who are ranked in the top 1% by citations in their field. In 2020 among them were four e-conversion members.
See who it is…

Small molecules that behave like helical springs

By |Mar 26, 2021|

Tightly wound nanomolecules respond to external forces faster than classical springs - discovered by e-conversion scientists. They can be extended and rapidly return to their original form releasing mechanical energy.

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