The annual meeting at the “Hotel Schlierseer Hof” has meanwhile become a tradition at e-conversion, as an always important event to strengthen the cluster community, offering the opportunity for a lot of informal and fruitful exchange. Besides plenary discussions about future strategies and new research projects, we used this year’s meeting (February 9 – 10) also to hold the General Assembly of the cluster at Schliersee, offering also the opportunity of remote participation.

The members of e-conversion at their retreat 2023

The Cluster Coordinators and the cluster office reported on the cluster’s activities during the recent months as well as on financial issues and future plans. As an important task, the members also had to carry out an election. In particular, they elected new Cluster Coordinators: Achim Hartschuh successes Thomas Bein and Ian Sharp takes over from Karsten Reuter. Thomas Bein and Karsten Reuter earned a great thankful applause for their tireless commitment to organizing the cluster from the beginning.

In addition, also the leaders of most of the research areas were newly elected. This is the (partially) new team of Area Coordinators (ACs) and Co-Coordinators (Co-ACs):

  • Solid-Solid Interfaces: Jennifer Rupp (AC, TUM), Christopher Stein (Co-AC, TUM)
  • Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Karsten Reuter (AC, FHI), Hubert Gasteiger (Co-AC, TUM)
  • Molecularly-Functionalized Interfaces: Thomas Bein (AC, LMU), Christian Ochsenfeld (Co-AC, LMU)
  • Foundry Organic: Tim Liedl (AC, LMU), Roland Fischer (Co-AC, TUM)
  • Foundry Inorganic: Bettina Lotsch (AC, MPI FKF), Jonathan Finley (Co-AC, TUM)

Their main task will be to lead e-conversion through the remaining years of the first funding period to the (hopefully successful) proposal for the next one.

Here’s to an exciting and interesting future!