StreetScience at Street Life Festival 2018 (Picture: TUM)

The “e-conversion-Forscherwerkstatt” will present energy related experiments for children at the StreetScience booth of TUM.

Since May 2018, the team of the “Junge Akademie” of TUM has been organizing an event where scientists can report first hand about their everyday life and their research. Through this, they hope that at least part of TUM’s diverse and multidisciplinary research will be brought into society. The focus of the communication is on the direct dialogue between presenters and visitors to create personal added value without barriers for both sides. In order to reach this goal, they will again organize a booth at the Streetlife Festival Munich in May 2019. Take a look at the Professor-Huber-Platz. The “e-conversion-Forscherwerkstatt” will be there on Sunday, May 26, 13-16 h.

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