How about developing future scenarios and revising quite incidentally physics and chemistry knowledge?

During the Bavarian Easter-, Pentecost- and Summer Holidays, e-conversion is organizing an interactive and participative holiday program “Ferien for the Future – Energie 22” together with the local energy provider Stadtwerke München and the Deutsches Museum. Every Holiday week, a group of young people will have an in-depth look at energy and climate topics by attending scientific workshops, excursions, hands-on experiments and discussions with scientists. The program aims at pupils in grades 8-10.

Visiting exhibitions at the Deutsches Museum and state of the art power plants of the Stadtwerke München complement the program. Beside the physical, chemical and technical knowledge, the social and economic implications of the climate change and the energy revolution is not missing out. With all this input, the young people are invited to develop scenarios for the future, which will be presented by the participants themselves at a special event at the Deutsche Museum.

The event is a joint project within the framework of the “ease-corona” program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Duration: 4 days (9:00-16:30 h)
Dates: 11 -14 April 2022, 19 – 22 April 2022, 7-10 June 2022, 13-15 & 17 June 2022) (Times for the summer holidays are soon to come)
Further information: Look at our joint project website