With concentrated energy, e-conversion rocked the Münchner Wissenschaftstage FORSCHA. Around 8,000 visitors of all ages worked out many answers to questions about the future, spectacular insights and findings for themselves at the event venue at the Deutsche Museum Verkehrszentrum from June 28th to 30th. We also had active support from committed doctoral students at our stand. At this point we would like to thank Nina Miller, Taiisia Soroka, Max Christis and Christoph Gruber and Moritz Feil in particular for getting the many visitors, both big and small, excited about energy topics. For three days, children and adults tinkle on the popular banana piano and lemon bongos and learned how much fun electrical conductivity can be. A quiz from the four Munich Clusters of Excellence Origins, Synergy, MCQST and e-conversion attracted visitors with a prize draw.

Hands-on science
In our workshop on Saturday, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the world of renewable energies and learn how to build an organic solar cell (Grätzel cell) using simple means – and all with just toothpaste and raspberries! On Sunday, those interested learned how a smartphone can be turned into a “spy” in your pocket. Equipped with the phyphox app from RWTH Aachen, the smartphone not only reveals the position of its wearer, but also provides information about speed, altitude, brightness and volume of its surroundings and much more.

Listening to science
Anyone who wanted to know what the e-conversion experts are doing in their laboratories could listen to two lectures: Prof. Helge Sören Stein gave insights into what robots and artificial intelligence have to do with battery research, and Prof. Jennifer Strunk showed how energy storage can work with carbon dioxide.

Like every year, the FORSCHA is a colorful program of workshops, hands-on-experiments, science shows and lectures. The diversity of the exhibitors involved shows where the journey is headed in science and research, business and society, as well as in terms of sustainability, and provides inspiration for schools, university studies and the world of work. We look forward to being there again next year!

Some impressions of the FORSCHA 2024: