Student Board 2021/22: Jakob Blahusch, Clara Aletsee, Lars Richter, Ilka Vincon, Manuel Scheel. Bottom left: Prof. Emiliano Cortes (coordinator) (2nd coordinator: Prof. Barbara Lechner)

We congratulate the newly elected student board of our Graduate Program! And we are looking forward to your manifold ideas for talks and events. Let´s keep our fingers crossed that their is a chance for real-world meetings soon…

The members of the new student board :

Manuel Scheel – Spokesperson  (Müller-Buschbaum Group, TUM Physics)
Clara Aletsee –  (Heiz Group, TUM Chemistry)
Jakob Blahusch (Lotsch Group, MPI FKF / LMU)
Lars Richter  (Tinnefeld Group, LMU Chemistry)
Ilka Vincon (Feldmann Group, LMU Physics)

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