Prof. Jennifer Rupp

Jennifer Rupp is specialist in designing solid-state materials for new ways of energy storage as well as for information devices. The first topic includes stable hybrid and solid-state batteries with a high capacity and materials to convert solar energy into synthetic fuel. In the field of information storage and transfer, Jennifer Rupp for example develops neuromorphic computing materials and elements that work beyond classic binary digit transistors.

She studied at the University of Vienna, earned her doctoral degree in material science at ETH Zurich, and worked at NIMS Tsukuba Japan and MIT as postdoc. From mid 2012 to 2016 she was a non-tenure track assistant professor at ETH, and joined MIT as assistant and associate professor from 2017 till September 2021. Since October 2021 Jennifer Rupp holds a professorship on Solid-State Electrolyte Chemistry at TU Munich and immediately became member of e-conversion.

The scientist is not only author of a multitude of publication, patents and winner of various honors and awards. She is also very active in the public and political discussion on material technology trends for energy issues. Furthermore, Prof. Rupp regularly gives lectures at famous institutions such as the Royal Society and the Word Economic Forum. In an initiative to foster shift in statistics towards more balance in gender and ethnicity in academic and industry leadership roles she founded the LILA-mentorship program. She is an active consultant and serves as board member for a wide portfolio of companies focusing either on the production-side of inorganic solid state materials or on performance engineering and design of energy devices.

We are happy to welcome such a highly experienced and engaged young scientist in the community of e-conversion!