In 2021, Prof. Bettina Lotsch was invited twice to give a special Award Lecture:

The Chemical Research Society India (CRSI) invited Bettina Lotsch to give the Prof. C.N.R. Rao Award Lecture. It is dedicated to Prof. C. N. R. Rao, a world-leading Indian solid state and material chemist. Prof. Lotsch gave the lecture in September 2021 during the CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry, titled “Optoelectronics meets Optoionics: Light storage in 2D molecular frameworks”.

The second invitation came from the University of Birmingham to give the prestigious Haworth Lecture. It is associated with the School of Chemistry and delivered by a distinguished scientist working in an important and topical area of chemistry research. The lecture is named after Sir Norman Haworth, Mason Professor of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham from 1925-1948 and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1937 for his work on carbohydrates and Vitamin C, which was carried out in Birmingham. (Source: University of Birmingham)