Online workshop with Moritz Feil from e-conversion

On the first digital Munich School Labs Days e-conversion presented its own school program to about 60 teachers. Our cluster is one of the founders of the “MUC- labs” association that organized the event.

The first Munich School Labs Days digitally took place on March 19 and 20, 2021. The event was organised by MUC labs e.V. and mainly aimed at teachers from natural science. About 60 teachers participated and not only followed the presentations with great interest but also took part in lively discussion rounds about the development of new program concepts.

Moritz Feil from the e-conversion group of Prof. Katharina Krischer presented an online workshop with impressing experiments as part of the clusters school program. “It is important to me that the students work through all the steps of the research project to get a scientific answer at the end,” says Moritz. “This includes to work out questions, understand the theory, plan the experiment, set it up, carry it out, collect the data and finally evaluate it.”

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