“Sustainability”: A word that is used so often nowadays – sometimes even misused for advertisement reasons as greenwashing. But seriously implemented sustainability is the only key to protect our climate and to our future energy supply. The scientists at e-conversion have dedicated themselves to drive forward the research in this field. A second mission of the cluster is to inform the public about the scientific findings and the assessment of our experts.

A major contribution in 2021 was the lecture series “Energy of the Future”, organized by e-conversion and the LMU Center for Advanced Studies (CAS). On four evenings, experts discussed the key issues of our future energy supply. The talks have been recorded. Therefore, you can easily watch or listen to them whenever and wherever you like:


“Climate Change and Our Current Energy System” (Video / Audio)
Lecture of Prof. Johan Rockström, (PIK/University of Potsdam)

“The Potential of Sustainable Energy Production”
Panel Discussion with Prof. Walter Leitner (Division of Molecular Catalysis MPI CEC) (Video / Audio)

“Future Visions for a Sustainable Energy System” (Video / Audio)
Panel Discussion with Prof. Johannes Lercher (Catalysis Research Institute TU Munich) and Friederike Rohde (Institute for Ecological Economy Research IÖW/ TU Berlin)

“Sustainable Energy Use in Mobility”
Panel Discussion with Prof. Hubert A. Gasteiger, Prof. Carlos Moreno and Prof. Arvind Gangoli Rao (Video / Audio will follow soon)