In this brand-new book e-conversion member Prof. Emiliano Cortes (Physics Faculty, LMU München) and his colleague Prof. Pedro H.C. Camargo (Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki) give a perfect overview of all fields of plasmonic catalysis. Take a look at the table of contents.

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Plasmonic Catalysis: From Fundamentals to Applications delivers a thorough treatment of plasmonic catalysis, from its theoretical foundations to myriad applications in industry and academia. In addition to the fundamentals, the book covers the theory, properties, synthesis, and various reaction types of plasmonic catalysis. It also covers its applications in reactions including oxidation, reduction, nitrogen fixation, CO2 reduction, and more.”

“Perfect for catalytic chemists, materials scientists, photochemists, and physical chemists, Plasmonic Catalysis: From Fundamentals to Applications will also earn a place in the libraries of physicists who seek a one-stop resource to enhance their understanding of applications in plasmonic catalysis.”

Plasmonic Catalysis: From Fundamentals to Applications
Pedro H.C. Camargo (Editor), Emiliano Cortés (Editor)
Wiley VCH, ISBN: 978-3-527-82697-1, June 2021, 352 Pages