Fundamentals of Energy Conversion Processes


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New e-conversion student board

Apr 27, 2021|

We congratulate the newly elected student board of our Graduate Program! And we are looking forward to your ideas for talks, workshops and other events.

Molecular tuning: Evolution in fast forward

Apr 22, 2021|

Biologists led by Dario Leister want to give photosynthesis a helping hand. To increase yields, they are using algae to accelerate the genetic adaptation of crop plants to environmental changes.

Women in Science – Video series

Apr 13, 2021|

“You are a professor? And in chemistry???” See what else Corinna Hess has experienced as being a female scientist - in the second edition our video series "Women in Science".


Third talk on "Energy of the Future"
The third digital lecture of this series is all about "Future Visions for a Sustainable Energy System". The event is organized by LMU and e-conversion.
VIU Venedig
e-conversion conference 2021
from to
Unfortunately we had to cancel our conference planned for September 2020. All the more we are looking forward to welcome our guests in Venice in September 2021!


Recent Publications

S Stegmaier, R Schierholz, I Povstugar, J Barthel, S P Rittmeyer, S Yu, S Wengert, S Rostami, H Kungl, K Reuter, R-A Eichel, C Scheurer

Nano-Scale Complexions Facilitate Li Dendrite-Free Operation in LATP Solid-State Electrolyte Journal Article

In: Advanced Energy Materials, n/a (n/a), pp. 2100707, 2021, ISSN: 1614-6832.

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E Mohammadi, A Tittl, K L Tsakmakidis, T V Raziman, A G Curto

Dual Nanoresonators for Ultrasensitive Chiral Detection Journal Article

In: ACS Photonics, 2021.

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M H Aufa, S A Watzele, S Hou, R W Haid, R M Kluge, A S Bandarenka, B Garlyyev

Fast and accurate determination of the electroactive surface area of MnOx Journal Article

In: Electrochimica Acta, 389 , pp. 138692, 2021, ISSN: 0013-4686.

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