Fundamentals of Energy Conversion Processes


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Solve the mystery

Jul 19, 2021|

One picture - three possible answers. Join the 4th edition of our quiz and win a beautiful, energy-efficient LED desk lamp. Deadline: 15 September 2021!

A unique chance to explore new horizons

Jul 12, 2021|

We are happy that again two of our members host Fischer Senior Fellows within a renown TUM-IAS program. Together they will explore new topics in the field of energy conversion.

Tuning the energy gap

Jun 10, 2021|

What is established for inorganic semiconductors stays a challenge for the organic ones: Tuning the energy gap by blending different molecules for an optimized performance. Here´s how it can work...


Sustainable Energy Use in Mobility
Join the last talk of our Lecture Series "Energy of the Future" - this time with experts on eMobility and mobility research. Online and hopefully also on-site at the LMU Center for Advanced Studies (CAS).
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The Munich science festival offers experiments, workshops and discussion. And we are part of it: Come and visit the joint booth of e-conversion and the other Munich Clusters of Excellence!
Save the Date: Graduate Retreat 2021
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Our graduate students had to wait long enough... Now the student board happily announces their e-conversion winter retreat in November 2021 in Ettal.


Recent Publications

M Pfeiffer, K Trofymchuk, S Ranallo, F Ricci, F Steiner, F Cole, V Glembockyte, P Tinnefeld

Single Antibody Detection in a DNA Origami Nanoantenna Journal Article

In: iScience, pp. 103072, 2021, ISSN: 2589-0042.

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D Böhm, M Beetz, C Gebauer, M Bernt, J Schröter, M Kornherr, F Zoller, T Bein, D Fattakhova-Rohlfing

Highly conductive titania supported iridium oxide nanoparticles with low overall iridium density as OER catalyst for large-scale PEM electrolysis Journal Article

In: Applied Materials Today, 24 , pp. 101134, 2021, ISSN: 2352-9407.

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J Eichhorn, S P Lechner, C-M Jiang, G Folchi Heunecke, F Munnik, I D Sharp

Indirect bandgap, optoelectronic properties, and photoelectrochemical characteristics of high-purity Ta3N5 photoelectrodes Journal Article

In: Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021, ISSN: 2050-7488.

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