We are proud to announce the first international e-conversion conference to be held at Venice International University (VIU), San Servolo, Italy from September 9 – 13, 2019. e-conversion is a new Cluster of Excellence funded by the German Research Council (DFG) with a focus on investigating fundamental mechanisms of energy conversion processes.

Beautiful surroundings for the conference (Image 495756 @ Pixabay)

With this grand kickoff conference, we wish to foster scientific exchange between the members of the cluster and renowned scientists from around the globe. The talks shall also give the graduate students of e-conversion an overview of current research topics on fundamental research concerning energy conversion processes. We trust that the enchanting atmosphere of the beautiful island of San Servolo in the Venetian Lagoon will stimulate many discussions between speakers and participants. A majority of the 40 PIs involved within e-conversion will be present at the conference, ensuring a broad and stimulating audience.

List of Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Ardemis Boghossian (EPFL)
  • Ib Chorkendorff (DTU)
  • Justin Gooding (UNSW Sydney)
  • Clare Grey (U Cambridge)
  • Anders Hagfeldt (EPFL)
  • Laura Herz (U Oxford)
  • Joanna Kargul (U Warsaw)
  • Ru-Shi Liu (NTU)
  • Maria Antonietta Loi (U Groningen)
  • Lynn Loo (Princeton U)
  • Joachim Maier (MPI FKF)
  • Angelos Michaelides (TYC)
  • Ron Naaman (Weizmann Institute)
  • Linda Nazar (U Waterloo)
  • Jens K. Nørskov (DTU)
  • Annamaria Petrozza (Italian Institute of Technology, Genova)
  • Ram Seshadri (UCSB)
  • Sefaattin Tongay (Arizona State U)
  • Chris Van de Walle (UCSB)

Program Committee

  • Thomas Bein (LMU)
  • Jonathan Finley (TUM)
  • Ulrich Heiz (TUM)
  • Katharina Krischer (TUM)
  • Dario Leister (LMU)
  • Bettina Lotsch (MPI for Solid State Research)
  • Karsten Reuter (TUM)
  • Thomas Weitz (LMU)


We have booked rooms at the following hotels in Venice from Sunday, September 8 to Friday, September 13, 2019:

Rooms with two, three or four beds will be available for students, single rooms for professors, post-docs, group leaders and speakers.


We will organize a train transfer from Munich to Venice on September 8 as well as from Venice to Munich on September 13:

Departure: September 8, 2019, 11:34 h, Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)
Arrival: September 8, 2019, 18:10 h, Venezia Santa Lucia

Departure: September 13, 2019, 13:50 h, Venezia Santa Lucia
Arrival: September 13, 2019, 20:25 h, Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)

Poster Session

In addition to the talks, the PhD students are invited to present a poster at the poster session.

Conference Venue

Venice International University (VIU)
Isola di San Servolo
30133 Venezia

Important Dates

Conference begins:
Monday, Sept 09, 2019, 9:20 a.m.
Conference ends:
Friday, Sept 13, 2019, 11:00 a.m.

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